Forever Women’s Combat Work Boots Review

Forever Women’s Combat Work Boots Review

There is no question thinking about working an extra hour can physically and mentally strain you. But while you can tackle those things because of your level of determination and motivation – what you will not be able to handle is continuously aching feet.

Blisters, sore ankles, and aching undersoles can all lead you to develop many feet complications in the long-run.

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And that is especially true if you work in challenging environments such landscaping, construction, and engineering. You need not just to protect your hands and upper body, but your feet too! For that, you need a pair of reliable, flexible and ultra-durable combat hiking shoes.

About The Product

Sure, you must be wondering why hiking boots, well, the Forever Hiking and Work shoes serve a dual purpose. You can wear them if you are going on a hiking or camping adventure into the forests and you can use the boots at your workplace.

If it is the former, then you can say goodbye to blisters, aching toes and sores! These boots offer a high-level of comfort, premium flexibility, and above-standard versatility. Wirth these boots, you cannot just enhance your outdoor experience on the next trip, but you can increase your overall productivity at the workplace as well! A win-win situation!

In light of this, mentioned below are all the reasons why you mustn’t waste a second and just get your hands on the Forever Combat Hiking Boots right now!

Enhanced Comfortability

The Forever hiking boots incorporate durable and flexible materials - an excellent addition to your hiking equipment.

Padded Collar

The platform of the shoe measure 0.75-inches and the combat boots are padded with an extra layer of material to keep debris and dust from entering the shoes permanently.

Synthetic Material

Another reason why you should opt for the boots is that of the synthetic material. The shoes aren't a bother to maintain and clean. However, the shoes aren't just any ordinary material; they incorporated with faux-nubuck, which adds a bit of style. Plus, the shoes are faux fur – the same goes for the interior as well.


Because the boots have synthetic material – you can wash them with mild detergent and water – unlike leather or suede, which are both hard to manage and maintain.

Lace-Up Close

With thick and soft laces, you can utterly lace-up till the closure of the boots. They are easy to tie and untie and will not be a bother for you as you enjoy your hiking adventure in the wilderness. 


The boots are ankle high and padded, which means you don't have to worry about twisting your ankle or accidentally rubbing or bumping your feet against a rock surface. The padding provides complete comfort and protection for safe and enjoyable hiking and work experience.

Forever Women’s Combat Work Boots

Premium Insulation

Because the shoes fur-stitched inside and out – you don't have to worry about getting cold feet – especially if you like hiking or camping in winters. Just wear a thick pair of socks – and no matter how cold it gets, you will never have cold feet outdoors.

Wide Variety Of Colors

You can opt for the boots in a wide variety of colors!

Variety Of Applications

The combat hiking boots are ideal for people working in industrial sites and zones such as power plants, warehouses, etc. Plus, they are excellent shoes for landscaping and whatnot.

What Others Say

The Forever Combat and Hiking boots have become an instant hit in the US. And there are plenty of justifiable reasons why that is a truism. For one, the price is excellent compared to the stitching, materials and the type of protection and flexibility it offers.

That is one of the reasons why so many people have opted for the boots. Even people who don’t often go camping or hiking wear the Forever Combat boots for workplace productivity and to keep their feet safe from injury.

However, one of the best reasons why people opt for the boots is that they come in a variety of different colors, from beige, black to burgundy – select any color you like! Sure, they may run a bit on the broad side when it comes to size – however, you will get used to the boots in a short while.

But there is an easy solution to this predicament – you can opt for comfortable insoles. A majority of hiking boots require that you keep insoles. Plus, you can fasten the metal grommets quickly, and a lot of people have had these boots for more than three or four years.

That is a testament to how durable and reliable they are. And because how comfortable the Forever boots are, you can wear them every day. That is one of the primary reasons why a majority of people love these boots! You can walk in them, despite the size and weight of the shoes.

But you will never feel your feet ache or anything like that – because well, that would defeat the purpose of the boots!

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on these boots in under $37 with free-return in case you want to change the size or color of the shoes!

Forever Women’s Combat Work Boots


With that type of a price – there isn't more than you can ask for in hiking boots. However, while you are shopping for the shoes or placing an order online, just be sure to measure your feet and opt for the right size. The same goes for the color of the boots – order boots that complement your fashion sense.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Forever hiking and combat are an excellent buy – worth every penny you spend on them – which isn't a lot.

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