Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots Review

There are a lot of women who are finding work in challenging fields such as construction and engineering, which is why the need for steel toes is increasing. Caterpillar took a step forward to create unique work boots for the hard-working people who operate their machinery and women form a notable percentage of this population.

For this reason, the brand broadened its horizons to become more inclusive of the hard-working women in the industry who needed comfortable footwear to be active around the clock without succumbing to aching feet.

Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots Back Side

Caterpillar believes that painful work shoes shouldn’t be a reason for women to step down which is why they designed the Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots using new iTechnology and ergonomic materials. These are developed to cater to the comfort needs of women so that they no longer need to settle for men’s working shoes. 

About The Product

The unique Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots incorporated a less-traditional design and developed a pair of comfortable shoes for the extraordinary women who go the extra mile. This pair exceeds the expectations of comfort that a work boot can provide. Product features:

  • check
    Product Weight: 2.13 pounds
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    Product Material: Leather
  • check
    Rubber-based outsole
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    8 inches from arch to the shaft
  • check
    Includes plush midsole
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    Safety features added
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    Resistant to water
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    Designed using technology ergo
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    Features sock liner and inner lining

The plush midsole has excellent shock absorbing qualities to prevent aching feet. These work boots are designed with Caterpillar’s new iTechnology construction and powered using ergo technology that takes into account user-specific needs.

The medium insulation is easy to work with throughout the year, in every season. That is because you can use these boots in the colder month - but be sure to wear thicker socks. 

If you live in a colder part of town, it's advisable that you purchase a size up, so that you can wear an extra pair - if it gets freezing. Summers become bearable because of the breathable lining and sock liner that helps in wicking moisture and preventing painful blisters.

Made with nubuck leather, the appearance of these boots isn’t as rugged as one would expect work boots to be. These are waterproofed so that you can wear them in moisture-prone areas right out of the box. The rubber outsole has a patterned groove design which adds stability and friction when needed; this aspect makes the sole highly durable and long-lasting.

The exceptional safety features included in the Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots are the steel toe and the protection from electrical hazards. These shoes are ASTM approved and have gone through various trials of testing to prove that these are in fact, wearable in hazard-prone environments.

The rubber outsole prevents and tumbles or falls by being slip-proof while the adequately-positioned heel makes for safe climbing whether it’s ladders or stairs.

The thick soles are also flexible to a certain extent so that wearers can stroll, run or stand in them without feeling too stiff. The higher shaft of the Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots gives better support along the ankle with the help of additional padding in the required area.

Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots Sole

The tall design and availability of aesthetically pleasing colors make them suitable for wear outside of work as well.

The quick lace-up setting allows wearers to put them on and take them off effortlessly. Moreover, these shoes don’t miss out on providing traction. Rest assured that you will get what you need for when you're in a workplace. Their ergonomic design stands out from typical men’s work boots because of their construction, which is for women's feet.



  • Shock absorbing midsole prevents aches
  • Ergonomic design features iTechnology Construction
  • Medium insulation is perfect for year-round wear
  • plus-circle
    Moisture-wicking breathable lining and sock liner
  • plus-circle
    No more painful blisters
  • plus-circle
    ASTM approved; meets the safety regulations
  • plus-circle
  • Expensive
  • Gray color shows dust

What Others Say

Buyers of the Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots are surprised with the results of its performance. Many women are now entering fields of work that require heavy-duty apparel and these work boots fit the bill nicely. Users explained how they found these shoes to be protective yet flexible, so they didn't feel bound.

Users of these work boots have praised its moisture-wicking capabilities that have prevented excessive smell and painful formation of blisters. The durability is what most users are impressed by because it is a women’s shoe after all. ​

They explained that these boots don’t appear as if they’re taking up excessive wear and tear which makes them suitable for wearing outside of work.

Buying Advice

The high price range is an issue for many prospective buyers, and many have complained that this factor led them to reconsider your decision. However, you can't deny that the investment is worthwhile, considering that they will be wearing them for hours at a time. A onetime investment can mean getting all the comfort you need! 

Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots


Meanwhile, there is the minor inconvenience of the grey variety being prone to show dust, but this can be fixed quite easily with the help of guardi8ng products that keep dirt away. Interested buyers can purchase the Caterpillar Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots from Amazon at the price of under $160.

Final Verdict

On the balance of scales, it’s easy to see that the many features offered by these work boots easily outweigh the issues regarding price. A majority of working women opt for these boots, especially when it comes to laborious activities such landscaping, soil removing, construction, etc.

Rest assured that the Caterpillar Women's Steel Toe Work Boots are for the active woman who would instead get things done by herself.

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